Mercedes Benz Southampton

At Mercedes Benz Southampton, We have a source that has showed us secret footage of their poor customer service, Refusal to honour warranties on new vehicles and even a scam attitude towards customers. We have seen first hand that the branch of Mercedes Benz in Nursling, Southampton, Mainly on their commercial vehicles, Were seen to talk down to their customers. When our source went to them with a long list of issues on his brand new Mercedes Vito van, He was met with hostility and was taken around other vehicles to try and call his bluff. The issues were things like windscreen wipers stopped working, the radio did not work, The vehicle was too low to the ground and the bumper was getting damaged on curbs, the engine was too loud due to it being a Renault car engine, The panels in the van were engraved with Renault, The doors closed with a metal on metal sound like an old rickety van and The vehicle also broke down and had to be recovered due to a faulty sensor which shut the engine off. Most of the issues with the Mercedes Vito can be seen on social media. The mechanics at this branch refused to fix the issues and even had the cheek to tell the customer that if he brings the vehicle back to them mentioning the same issues then they would charge him for the inconvenience, So the source sold the vehicle and went to another manufacturer for a different van. It seems that large companies simply do not care about their customers at all and this is proven right here in Southampton. We may be a letting agent but we are more invested in the city of Southampton and would like people to come here not move away due to scrupulous companies.