Sainsbury’s Bank

Sainsbury’s Bank, We have found to be misleading and fraudulent which is more than likely why their business model is failing. We have a source that has shown us evidence that Sainsbury’s Bank purposefully makes their credit card app update late or slowly in order to charge its customer interest on a balance even if the customer thinks they have settled the balance before the deadline. It is not the first time we have seen the use of technology to scam customers out of money, For example in 2020, We were made aware of a company named ‘On that Ass’ which are a man’s underwear retailer that offered free boxer shorts to new signups to their subscription service which promised that you could cancel at any time, However their website had a cookie that blocked customers ip address’s from accessing the cancellation page, We tested this by using a different pc with a vpn and it worked straight away. In the matter of Sainsbury’s Bank, Our source stated that they were charged interest on a £0 balance, They paid that and then cancelled their account in protest and put in a complaint. No complaint was logged and the account was closed but with a further charge of £10, Again on a £0 balance, This was the last straw for our source, Who called them and asked them to refund the £10 balance that they unlawfully owed, The credit card provider refused, The source warned them of legal action to which they laughed at the source. The source then took them to a small claims court and won, The Bank now owes over £1000 to the source for damages to their credit rating, refunds of the interests and court costs. Sainsbury’s Bank has declined to comment on this matter and so far has not paid the CCJ against them, We understand the source is going to apply for a bailiff order to retrieve the funds.

Sainsbury's Bank

This is an example of how big companies are starting to use tech to fool the public and scam them out of their hard earned money. They are a fraudulent company that cannot be trusted. If you have a story or example for us to add to our blog then contact us and will will try to help.